At any given point of time in the future

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Tara Conner The 2007 Miss USA, Tara Conner, almost lost her title for underage drinking and hearty partying. But an 11th hour appeal to pageant owner Donald Trump resulted in her being allowed to keep the crown if she entered rehab. The young woman resumed her Miss USA job after a stint in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center..

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ET. And San Francisco would cost about $6 billion, a fraction of the estimated $70 billion the state believes it would cost to build a high speed train. What’s more, Musk said that he could have a working model in three to four years.. In this agreement, the direction of change is clearly spelt out and it is time bound. We have the advantage of predictability here. At any given point of time in the future, we can measure how we are progressing viv a vis the objective we had set out with.Now, in case the pace is not at the expected level, there is no need to resort to blame game.

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