I never expect any helmets to keep me alive against even

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Restoration is a Toronto based disaster restoration company with more than 1,100 employees. For CEO Dave Demos, empathy is the No. 1 attribute in recruiting, hiring and training efforts. Brown obviously has more impressive numbers (343 catches, 4,651 yards and 31 touchdowns), but to be the only other player in a category with the best wideout in football is impressive.Goff and Cooks know each other well and have thrown together in the off season. That could help when it comes time to signing him to a long term extension, which the Rams reportedly plan to do before the season begins.Sean McVay confirmed that Goff has indeed worked out with Cooks a few times before, though he said it didn’t have an influence on whether the Rams acquired him or not.”As far as those guys working out together, whether that influences the way we go about pursuing somebody, I wouldn’t say that’s the case, McVay said on ESPN Los Angeles Wednesday. It does do is give you a certain comfort level.

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