The Wisconsin Republican wouldn’t get into any specifics on

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canada goose uk black friday One option discussed was to require the Senate to pass a budget, another was to require that the Senate approve or simply vote on a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget.Rep. The Louisiana Republican said GOP members are suggesting the extension go through mid April.”I think the debt limit is a symptom of the spending problem,” Scalise told CNN, and added no longer term extension is warranted until there is a complete picture of what the spending priorities are.Just weeks after Congress passed a deal to avert the fiscal cliff at the end of 2012, lawmakers are heading into a series of contentious debates over the debt ceiling, the automatic spending cuts about to kick in across government agencies (or „sequester”) and legislation to avoid a possible government shutdown at the end of March.Ryan said a main purpose of the House GOP retreat was to walk members through the „sequence” of all three things and the numbers involved for rank and file members, especially the freshmen who haven’t been through a vote on major budget issues before.The Wisconsin Republican wouldn’t get into any specifics on what kind of cuts the GOP might propose to accompany a short term extension. But he stressed that ultimately both parties needed to come together on major deficit reduction package this year.”We believe it that it would be wrong if we walk out of this spring with no achievement on debt reduction whatsoever, because that will hurt the country, that will hurt the economy and that’s why we believe we have to have serious plan for tackling these things,” Ryan said.Fleming said he believed President Obama may be willing to support a short term increase in the debt limit so he could move onto other legislative priorities he wants to press, such as new restrictions on guns. canada goose uk black friday

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