Their whole life is about supporting their kids development

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17 września

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I’ve never seen someone who lies so much in my life. Let me tell you three lies she’s told. She made up a story about how she was ducking sniper fire! There was no sniper fire. With all that Finland has to offer, it should be doing better economically. It would be great if my Finnish friends are less worried about the economy and more focused on making the products Finland knows how to make better than competitors. Onnea.

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Others think it’s just gross. Dessert hummus is not a thing in Israel, where the newspaper Haaretz scoffed at the concept. „No matter how you look at it, the idea of sweet hummus didn’t quite sit right with me, and the combination of mashed chickpeas and chocolate seemed hopeless,”wrote Haim Handwerker,who pointed out how much Americans like sweets compared to other cultures.

Don most SAHMs (stay at home mom)? I mean, maybe it a Midwestern think but almost every SAHM or SAHD ends up living through their family. I think it really fucking shitty to critisize a good SAHM spouse for living through their kids. Their whole life is about supporting their kids development and their working spouses career.

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