When I saw them in London they wrote a song called Canada

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Plus they research the city and town they are playing in and come up with and perform songs unique to that city. When I saw them in London they wrote a song called Canada Curling Stones. Which is some company HQ in London that I never heard of. Clarice stopped stirring and waited. Wayne looked at the faces of the others in the group, but no one noticed what was going on a few feet away. No one except Melody..

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As a token girl (i play BW Token and I usually the only girl at every FNM) I think the most important part that everyone can understand is how you can comment and small talk with a girl can be easily interpreted by her as a way to exclude her, even if that wasn your intention. I know, trust me I am extremely well aware that I probably the first girl you played against in months. I understand that, being such a rare encounter, that it easy to assume that I here with my boyfriend, or even worst, watching his magic stuff while he is gone.